November 2021 -- Guest Speaker
"The Legislative Session"
Featuring Maryland State Delegate Jazz Lewis


April 2021 -- Guest Speaker

"Native Pollinators"

Featuring Dr. Liz Marshall

March 2021 -- Guest Speakers

"UPWC Artists"

Featuring Mary Dancy, Sharon Garrison, Rene McDonald, and Terry Fitzpatrick

February 2021 -- Guest Speaker

"The Road to Ambassadorship"

Featuring Ambassador Kathleen M. Fitzpatrick

April 2021 -- UPWC Presents ...


Clubwoman Sharon Matthews

May 2021 -- Guest Speaker
"Life as a Writer and the Baby Boomer Mystery Series"
Author Susan Santangelo

May 2021 -- UPWC Presents ...
Memory Quilts
Clubwoman Dianne Bukoski

January 2021 -- Guest Speaker

"The Chesapeake Table: Your Guide to Eating Local"

Featuring author Renee Catacalos